Icelandic Horse World

They welcome you to the horse breeding farm Skeiðvellir

If you want to get to know the Icelandic horse while travelling in Iceland you have come to the right place. Skeiðvellir is a family run horse breeding and training farm which is home to around 100 horses. They offer a unique chance to get to know their remarkable icelandic horses and explore the beautiful landscape on horseback.

Why ride with Icelandic HorseWorld ?

  • You will ride in  small group rides in the beautiful landscape of southern Iceland.  We specialize in rides for small groups which are seldom bigger than 6 riders.
  • You receive instructions on how to ride and you  have a chance to get to know your horse before we leave for our ride. All this takes place in our modern and large riding hall.
  • You are invited for a coffee, tea or hot chocolate in our cozy stable café after the ride.  It is also possible for non-riders to wait in the stable café while you ride.
  • You will be riding a well educated horse with a good tölt who is fun to ride. We have horses for more experienced riders as well as some very trustworthy horses for beginners and even those who have never ridden before.
  • They are only 5 minutes away from the hotel

To make reservations you can either contact us or call them direct at +354 899 5619 or visit their website Iceworld