Waterfalls in South Iceland

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South Iceland is the home of waterfalls

South Iceland is home to some of the country’s most attractive and popular waterfalls, where each offers a unique and breathtaking scenery.

All those waterfalls are in a short distance from Landhotel in approximately 30 minutes – 1 hr drive from the hotel.

Here are some of the most renowned waterfalls in the region (search for the waterfalls on the interactive map on the bottom of the page to see their location and images):


Seljalandsfoss is one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls, known for its picturesque beauty and the unique experience it offers to travellers.

Seljalandsfoss drops 60 meters (197 ft) from the cliffs to the ground where visitors are standing.

The uniqueness of the waterfall is that visitors can walk behind it along a gravel path, providing a spectacular and immersive perspective.

The waterfall is easily accessible from the road no. 1 (the ring road), and it is a very popular stop for tourists traveling the south coast of Iceland.

Distance from Landhotel : 55 km

Click on the interactive map below and search for Seljalandsfoss to see its location and images


Gljúfrabúi, also known as the “hidden waterfall,” is a lesser-known gem located only 500 m from Seljalandsfoss and its quite immaculate waterfall.

Gljúfrabúi falls 40 meters (131 ft) into a narrow canyon where you have to walk into.

The waterfall is partially obscured by a large cliff, and visitors must go through a shallow stream and a small opening to get an up-close view, making the experience more adventurous and intimate.  Remember to wear a waterproof boots and jacket.

While it is a bit more challenging to reach due to the narrow entrance, it is close to Seljalandsfoss and worth the short detour.

Distance from Landhotel: 55 km

Click on the interactive map below and search for Gljúfrabúi to see its location and images


Skógafoss is another iconic waterfall in the heart of South Iceland, located on the Skógá River.  It is knowned for its impressive height and beautiful surroundings.

Skógafoss is 60 meters high (197 ft) and its power and size make it on of the largest and most striking waterfalls in Iceland.  On sunny days, the waterfall often produces vivid rainbows due to the mist created by the falling water. There is a staircase leading to a viewing platform at the top, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Skógafoss is located near the small village of Skógar, just off the road no. 1 (the Ring Road), and it is highly accessible all year around.

There is a large parking area near the waterfall, along with restrooms and small café.

Distance from Landhotel: 83 km.

Click on the interactive map below and search for Skógafoss to see its location and images


Kvernufoss is a beautiful and somewhat hidden waterfall located near Skógafoss and a must see when visiting Skógafoss.

Similar to Seljalandsfoss, visitors can walk behind the waterfall for a unique view. It is less crowded, offering a more personal experience.

In order to see Kvernufoss you must take a short hike from the Skógar Museum, making it a peaceful retreat from the more tourist-heavy sites.

Distance from Landhotel: 83 km.

Click on the interactive map below and search for Kvernufoss to see its location and images


Háifoss, which translates to “High Waterfall,” is one of Iceland’s tallest and most impressive waterfalls. Located in the Þjórsárdalur valley, it is a remarkable sight that offers a spectacular blend of nature and icelandic wild terrain.

Adjacent to Háifoss is another beautiful waterfall called Granni, meaning “Neighbor.” The two waterfalls together create a stunning view which will make you in awe seeing those two powerfull waterfalls plunging into the same river.

Distance from Landhotel: 60 km.

Click on the interactive map below and search for Haífoss to see its location and images


Gullfoss (The Golden Falls) is the most renowned waterfall in South Iceland.  It is a part of the famous Golden Circle route, most tourists take when visiting Iceland. 

Gullfoss is a breathtaking natural wonder that presents the raw beauty and power of Iceland’s landscapes. Its dramatic two-tiered cascade, has rich history, and its accessibility makes it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling in South Iceland. Whether viewed in the warm colors of summer or the icy beauty of winter, Gullfoss offers an unforgettable experience that highlights the unique charm of the Icelandic wilderness.

Distance from Landhotel: 92 km.

Click on the interactive map below and search for Gullfoss to see its location and images.

Images credited to Maps of Iceland