Thjorsardalur – Þjórsárdalur

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Thjorsardalur - Þjórsárdalur

Þjórsárdalur (Thjorsardalur) is a must see nature valley
located in the heart of South Iceland. This beautiful valley is known for its
stunning landscapes, historical sites, and fascinating nature.   

Þjórsárdalur is named after the river Þjórsá, the longest
river in Iceland, which runs through the valley.  The origin of the river comes from Hofsjökull
glacier which is a landmark in the area.

There are two waterfalls in Þjórsárdalur which are stunningly
located side by side and it is a worth taking hike to see both those
waterfalls. Those waterfalls are Háifoss and Granni.  Háifoss is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland
with a drop of 122 meters, and its neighbour Granni is slightly smaller but
impressive about 101 meters high.

To reach those waterfalls you must drive short distance on a
gravel road with is quite accessible during the summer months but can be a
challenge during winter due to snow and ice. 
A short distance from the parking area there is a viewing point for both
those waterfalls with a breathtaking views of them and the natural

Another “must see” landmark is the Gjáin, which is such a mindful place.  This small valley is filled with natural Icelandic plants, mosses and wildflowers and small waterfall in a picturesque setting.

In Þjórsárdalur are also very interesting historical sites named
Stöng and Þjóðveldisbærinn. 

Stöng is an excavated longhouse from the Viking age and was
indeed buried under volcanic ash from the eruption of Hekla in 1104.  The site gives you a glimpse of early life
and architecture from the old Iceland.


Þjóðveldisbærinn is a reconstructed farm from the Viking era
based from Stöng.  There is a open-air
museum and visitors can learn about the life of medieval Icelandic people.

Distance from Landhotel: 60 km. (continue road nr. 26 to road nr. 32)


Main image credited to Maps of Iceland