Sigöldugljúfur – Valley of Tears

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Sigöldugljúfur - Valley of tears

Sigöldugljúfur, often named as the “Valley of Tears,” is a stunning canyon located in the Icelandic highlands. It is famous for its incredible natural beauty, characterized by numerous waterfalls flowing out of the walls of the canyon, vibrant turquoise waters, and lush greenery. This hidden gem is a relatively less known destination than other popular tourist attractions in the heart of South Iceland, offering a serene and picturesque experience for those who take the time to go there.

The canyon is known for its multiple small waterfalls that flow down its steep walls. These waterfalls contribute to the nickname “Valley of Tears,” creating a mystical and otherwordly atmosphere.

The pools and streams in Sigöldugljúfur have a striking turquoise hue, which is a result of the minerals in the glacial water it. This vibrant color contrasts beautifully with the surrounding vegetation and rock formations.

Despite being located in the highlands on your way to Landmannalaugar , the area around Sigöldugljúfur is surprisingly fertile, with moss, grass, and other plant life thriving along the canyon walls and floor.

Sigöldugljúfur is located in the central highlands of South Iceland, near the road F208, which is part of the Fjallabaksleið route. This area is more remote and less frequently visited, providing a peaceful escape from the more crowded tourist destinations. This incredible canyon is actually on your way to Landmannalaugar from Landhotel.  A short detour on road F208 will bring you right to the canyon.

Distance from Landhotel: 70 km.


Main image credited to Maps of Iceland