The Northern Lights from the comfort of your room

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The Northern Lights from the comfort of your room

Why go far when the Northern Lights are here at Landhotel

Landhotel is perfectly located for experiencing the Northern Lights during the season September to end of April.  The dark starry skies during this time allows for a perfect view when the Northern Lights are flowing over the hotel.  This means less driving for Northern Lights search and more time enjoying the spectacle of the lights even from the comfort of your room you can see the lights.  Away from city lights, you’ll have a front-row seat to the cosmic performance

The hotel has two Northern Lights cameras which are sensitive to the lights in the sky and with accuracy it will show where the Northern Lights are even when they are hardly seen by the human eye but can be captured by cameras.  

We have live stream from the cameras on our website here, and also on TV screens around in the hotel where guests can sit and enjoy the show on cold winter nights.

Northern Lights wake-up call

Sometimes the Northern Lights show up late or after midnight.  The hotel offers wake-up call to all its guests to make sure they will not miss their memorable time to watch the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Glass Dome

The hotel is building a glass dome on its North-East side where guests can enjoy the scenery from within the hotel.  This will allow guests to stay in the warm, cozy up and enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Northern Lights.