We link you to wonders of Iceland

Landhótel is perfectly located for travellers to go for short day tours from the hotel to most of the wonders of South Iceland.

Stay at the hotel for few days, go for a perfect sight seeing tours during the day and then enjoy your evenings with us embarking on Icelandic delicacies in perfect harmony with true nature.

Click on below images to get more detailed information about each attraction.

  • Hekla, the most active Volcano in Iceland (51km)
  • Leirubakki , Hekla Center (14km)
  • Laugaland, Swimming pool, heated all year round (15 km)
  • Landmannalaugar, famous for its colorful scenery and geothermal activity (98km)
  • Thjórsárdalur, with its waterfalls and great hiking trails (70 km)
  • Hella, with its visitor center Sagnargardur (27km)
  • Hvolsvöllur has a Njals Saga Center and a brand new Lava Center (34km)
  • Gullfoss, Icelandic most visited waterfall (70 km)
  • Geysir, geothermal area with geysir and hotsprings (60 km)
  • Hellar, The largest man made settlement cave in Iceland (15 km)
  • Westman Islands (78km)